Dr. Weiner’s online courses allow any weight loss surgery patient to learn everything you need to know to be successful after weight loss surgery.


Weight Loss Hormones

This course introduces the fundamental concepts behind the Pound of Cure weight loss plan and focuses on the reasons why calorie counting doesn’t work. It describes, in detail, the role your body’s physiology plays in driving weight loss and weight gain. In this course, Dr. Weiner explains the many reasons for weight gain and outlines the four basic methods to drive permanent weight loss.

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The Metabolic Reset Diet

This course describes, in detail, the Metabolic Reset Diet, a sustainable and powerful weight loss tool. First, Dr. Weiner explains every aspect of the Metabolic Reset Diet and why it’s important in order to lose weight. Second, techniques for implementing this powerful eating program into your life, forever.


Make Slow, Gradual Changes to Your Diet

Some people are not ready to completely change their diet overnight. This course demonstrates a second way of implementing the Pound of Cure plan, slowly, over six months. Each change is accompanied by meal plans and recipes to help you handle each step.

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The role of exercise in weight loss and weight maintenance is often misunderstood. Many people are quick to both over-estimate and under-estimate the importance of exercising in order to meet your long term weight loss goals. In this course, Dr. Weiner provides an easy to understand guide for exercising, no matter what your baseline fitness level.

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Recipes and Meal Plans

Implementing the Pound of Cure Eating Plan requires practice and patience. To speed you along the learning curve, we’ve included dozens of meal plans and recipes in this course. For the times that you aren’t able to cook and prepare your own meals, we’ve included a list of Pound of Cure approved meals that can be ordered from popular chain restaurants. Believe it or not, you can get an affordable, delicious meal at a popular restaurant and still lose weight!


Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

This course reviews all of the important steps of preparing for weight loss surgery. It provides an in depth review of the different procedures that are available as well as how to navigate the insurance and preoperative workup process. Finally, it provides guidance on how best to emotionally prepare for weight loss surgery.

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Recovering From Weight Loss Surgery

This course describes, in detail, how to get through the first month after weight loss surgery with as much comfort and confidence as possible. The hospital stay, postoperative diet and mindful eating strategies that can be carried out well beyond this first month are covered.

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The Honeymoon Years – The First Two Years After Weight Loss Surgery

The Honeymoon years represent the best period of life after weight loss surgery. Weight loss and appetite control come easily and you find yourself motivated to move and exercise. This course outlines a strategy for harnessing this time to establish the lifestyle changes necessary for long term success.

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The End of the Honeymoon, Year 2-5 After Surgery

Starting around 2 years after surgery, the excellent appetite control and drive to exercise starts to decrease. This is common and, unfortunately, occurs in almost all post-surgical patients. While many look at this change in their appetite as a sign of impending failure, it doesn’t have to be.

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Addressing Weight Regain

Weight regain after Bariatric Surgery is far more common than anyone wants to admit. This course addresses the many different causes of weight regain and how to get back on track. The causes of weight regain are not always obvious and the solutions are never easy, but with the right strategy, you can lose the weight again and re-establish your healthiest lifestyle.

Dr. Weiner’s Bariatric Surgery courses are a must for anyone who is considering, or has had Bariatric Surgery. Many of his courses are free. These courses will cover the Metabolic Reset Diet, Exercise after Bariatric Surgery, Preparing for weight loss surgery, Bariatric complications and Bariatric Nutrition in great depth.

Dr. Weiner’s easy to understand explanations of everything that’s important to your weight loss surgery success. After 3,000 Bariatric Surgeries, Dr. Weiner knows what’s important for your success. His courses also cover important topics like Bariatric complications – thankfully, they’re uncommon, but it’s important that you know about them before your commit to weight loss surgery.

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