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A Pound of Cure Weight Loss program was developed by Dr. Matthew Weiner, a weight loss surgeon in Tucson, AZ  Dr. Weiner leveraged research that demonstrates that weight loss surgery works primarily by creating favorable hormone shifts, rather than by blocking eating or calorie absorption as we previously believed.  Dr. Weiner identified the changes in his patient’s nutritional preferences after weight loss surgery and recognized that they were driven by these hormonal shifts that result in post-weight loss surgery patients selecting the foods that cause the most weight loss.  The Pound of Cure weight loss program is based on these observations and allows anyone to change their eating habits to maximize your body’s ability to lose weight.

Books by Dr. Weiner

Dr. Weiner’s first book provides an in depth guide to following his nutritional program.

Available May, 2021, this cookbook contains 100 Pound of Cure approved recipes perfect for any weight loss surgery patient

This book is a complete guide for anyone considering weight loss surgery.

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