Meal Plans for Nuts

Goal:  Eliminate junk food and processed foods.


  • Crowd out your cravings by making sure you are eating at least 1 pound of vegetables, unlimited amounts of fruit, and nut-based snacks every day. If you are full on good foods, you will be too full to eat junk.
  • Tame cravings for salty snacks with raw nuts. Nuts are natures snack food and incredibly healthy.
  • Replace store-bought dressings with nut-based dressings.
  • Experiment with nut butters. They provide a quick and healthy alternative to junk food but you must make the nut butters from scratch. Store-bought nut butters are typically loaded with sugar.
  • If you are craving sugary junk food, reach for an apple with peanut butter. The apple will provide the sweetness you’re looking for while the peanut butter stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain.
  • Nut-based milks are a great alternative for dairy milk.
    Once a week, portion out seven 2-ounce bags of nuts. They are great to add to your lunch bag or have on hand as an on-the-go snack. If it’s quick and easy, you’re more likely to choose it.
  • Cravings for junk food usually stem from high stress or boredom. If you feel like reaching for junk food, go for a walk or engage in physical activity. Not only will you not be bored, but also exercise relieves stress.

Equipment: Kitchen Gadgets that will assist your transition.

  • High-powered blender like Vitamix, Ninja, Oster Versa, or Nutribullet
  • Food processor
  • Nut Cracker

Breakfast: Yogurt with Berries Try nut milk in your coffee instead of flavored creamers.

Snack: Whole fresh fruit

Lunch: Bowl of Tomato Soup and a side Garden Salad.  (18 ounces of vegetables for the combination meal)

Snack: 2 ounces of Curry Lime Cashews

Dinner: Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

Dessert: Snickerdoodle Nice Cream

Day 2

Breakfast: Banana Pancakes with Raspberry Reduction

Snack: Pair fruit and vegetable snacks for a great combination of flavors as well as achieving your goals for Month 1 & 2. (2 ounces of vegetables)

Lunch: Chicken No Noodle Soup (8 ounces of vegetables per serving)

Snack: 2 ounces of Almonds or and raw, unsalted nut or nut blend.

Dinner: Mustard Chicken with Kale and Cauliflower (15 ounces of vegetables per serving)

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