Banana Pancakes with Raspberry Reduction

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Serves: 2-3

4 ripe to overly ripe Bananas
6 Eggs
½ cup Almond Flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 12 oz. bag of frozen Raspberries
Butter or spray for cooking

Equipment Needed:
Small soup pan
Potato masher or fork
Small/medium bowl
Gravy ladle
Griddle or sauté pan


Before you prep any of the ingredients start with the reduction because it will need to cool before serving.

Empty the bag of frozen fruit into a small soup pan and cook – uncovered – on low heat until the berries break down and the juices thicken. Stir occasionally. This will take approximately 15 minutes.

NOTE: As some point while you are cooking the pancakes, you will notice that the reduction is ready; it will be thicker and darker in color. At this point you need to remove it from the heat and let it cool.

Pancake Directions:
While the reduction is cooking, start prepping your pancakes.

1. Peel bananas into a bowl and smash them with a potato masher. (You can use a fork if you don’t have a potato masher.)

2. Add 6 eggs to the smashed banana and whisk together until combined.

3. Add almond flour and baking powder into the bowl and whisk until combined. The pancake mix will be slightly chunky when fully combined.

4. Using a gravy ladle, spoon the pancake mix onto a well-heated, buttered griddle or sauté pan.

5. Cook until the edges are golden brown (approximately 2 minutes per side) then flip and cook the other side.

6. Stack the pancakes on a plate and cover with the reduction. Enjoy!

NOTE: You can use any fruit you like though berries seem to play off the banana flavor well by balancing the sweet and tart.

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