Medication Use

As we discussed earlier, those of you who take medications that cause weight gain are at a major disadvantage when you try to lose weight.  For many, they had no idea that the medications that they were prescribed were contributing to their weight gain.  Others knew the risks, but the medications were so important to their health that they had no choice but to take them.  If you must take weight gaining medications and there is no possibility of stopping them, then your chances of success without surgery decreases significantly.  

I see this most frequently in patients who suffer from Bipolar disorder. It often takes years to find the right combination of medications to stabilize the mood swings that damage your relationships and self worth.  Often times, the price for a more stable life is paid in pounds of fat added to your body despite a reasonable diet.  These patients are uniquely challenging since altering their medication regimen brings the possibility of a return of the mood swings and instability that you’ve worked so hard to maintain over the years.  In this group of patients, I encourage them to work with their psychiatrist to optimize their regimen, but urge them not to compromise their mental state in the process.  Often times, we decide that we must maintain an unfavorable pharmacologic regimen despite its impact on body weight. These patients often require surgery to overcome the weight gaining impact of the medications and typically lose less weight after surgery than those who don’t suffer from bipolar disorder.  Nonetheless, I have operated on dozens of people who have been able to meet their weight loss goals despite taking medications that cause weight gain.

Insulin is a powerful weight gaining medication, however,  if you are on a relatively low dose, you may be able to find success without surgery.  Many diabetics are able to decrease their insulin requirements significantly within one to two weeks on the Pound of Cure nutritional program.  As you drop your dose, you decrease the weight gaining effects of Insulin, allowing you to lose 10-20 pounds within a month or two..  Often times your improved diet and the weight loss is enough to get you completely off insulin.

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