Moving Forward with Surgery

Preparing  for Weight Loss Surgery requires work on many fronts.  The emotional, nutritional, medical and financial demands of weight loss surgery require preparation and forethought.  The biggest “red flag” in my practice is when a new patient considering surgery informs me that he has been thinking about the surgery for a few weeks now and wants to know how soon he can get an operative date.  Successful preparation for surgery requires months and often years of careful consideration and planning in order to take every step possible to ensure success.  Many patients rely on the experience and advice of friends to guide them through the process, but this is often not enough to ensure success and frequently leads to conflicting advice.  Good preparation requires honest conversations with your primary care physician and surgeon, research using quality information and healthy dose of soul searching.

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward with Surgery”

  1. Holy wow Dr. W! First I get terrified of the gastric bypass complications and then find out the sleeve weight loss doesn’t really hold. I’ve been swinging back and forth like a pendulum trying to decide which surgery to have. Listened to Dr. Randy Seely describe obesity and Dr. Mark Eaton describe the GB surgery and again swung from one decision to another. What a conundrum! It is a wonder anyone can make this decision.

    1. Sounds like you’re really giving this the appropriate amount of consideration. Which do you value more? A lower complication rate or more durable, effective weight loss?

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