Your Preoperative Workup

A number of different tests and evaluations are typically necessary before proceeding with surgery.  The list below represents most of the evaluations that your surgeon may order.

  • Supervised Medical Weight Loss – A period of physician supervised diet counseling.  Typically, this is required by the insurance company, however some programs also require it.
  • Psychological Evaluation – Most insurance plans require a psychological evaluation prior to surgery.
  • Medical Clearances – Typically this can by done by your primary care doctor, however, occasionally other specialists are required as well.
  • Pulmonary/ Sleep Study – Many programs ask that you have an evaluation for sleep apnea if you have specific risk factors.
  • Endoscopy – Most surgeons will perform an upper endoscopy (while you’re asleep) prior to moving forward with surgery to make sure there are no problems in your stomach or esophagus.

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