Recipes and Meal Plans

Recipes and meal plans are critical to your success.  Experimenting with new foods and styles of cooking will allow you to continue to follow the program without feeling deprived.

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11 thoughts on “Recipes and Meal Plans”

    1. The book was written in 2013 which outlines the basics of the plan. The videos were all filmed recently and have tons of new information and recipes. You can start with the book and if you feel you need more info, the videos are there for you.


    Dr. Weiner,
    What plant protein powder do you recommend? I prefer unflavored. It is overwhelming trying to find the right one. Thanks!

    1. I like the pea protein products, I’ve never found any that I like the taste of, but my dietician says there are a few good ones. Try a few of them to figure out which one you like the most.


    I stumble across your book on a post in a WLS page in Facebook. It sounded interesting to I went to Amazon and bought it. I am one month into my pre-op for sleeve surgery. In the first two week – before I found your book and following the nutritional guidelines from my classes I had lost about 5 pounds. I just completed the two week Metabolic thermostat reset and have lost an additional 14 pounds — yeap one pound a day!


    The reset wasn’t too hard – likely because I was already following the nutrition plan and I’m not a big fan of diet drink. The hardest for me to give up was stevia – I didn’t use it a lot, but I did use it some —

    All that said, here’s my question. How realistic is it to continue on the pound of cure diet and lose 100 pounds – without surgery? Have you had patients who have lost that much and kept it off?

    My husband is absolutely against me having the surgery and I wonder if I can make a change in my diet — a lifestyle change without the surgery. I don’t want to lose weight again and gain it back. But if can keep doing this maybe surgery wouldn’t Be necessary?

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