Dressings & Sauces

Salad Dressings don’t have to be unhealthy.  This section contains recipes for salad dressings that use nuts and seeds for the creaminess, rather than relying on oil like traditional salad dressings.

Vegan cheese is delicious and much easier to make than you’d expect.  If you’re missing cheese, give these recipes a try.

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  1. lashunda.harris01@gmail.com

    I didn’t know i could have salad dressing so I haven’t had a salad yet I discuss eating a salad with a family member and said to her I would use vinegar & lemon or lime juice on it Thinking about it that’s alot of acid and besides the only dressing I like is Italian and I don’t see it on the list I will think of something

  2. Some Primal Kitchen dressings and sauces have tapioca starch in them, what are your thoughts on that ingredient? They are “whole 30” approved so I thought they’d be compliant for Metabolic Reset.

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