The Origin of A Pound of Cure

The Pound of Cure was developed by Dr. Matthew Weiner, a weight loss surgeon in Detroit, MI.  Dr. Weiner observed a specific set of changes in his patients’ appetites after surgery.  Instead of craving processed food like they did before surgery, they preferred fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans and small amounts of animal protein.  Sweets, oily and greasy food, breads and pastas and artificially sweetened foods were no longer appealing.

Around the same time that Dr. Weiner made this observation, the science of weight loss surgery was evolving.  Scientists began to recognize that weight loss after surgery was driven primarily by changes in circulating hormones like ghrelin, leptin and dozens of others.  Dr. Weiner theorized that the favorable hormonal state that surgery induced was causing the taste changes that he was observing.

Immediately after surgery, these hormones were working to drive weight loss in his patients and they subconsciously chose to eat the foods that triggered weight loss like fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans and avoid the foods that caused weight gain like sweets, oily and greasy foods, breads and pastas and artificially sweetened foods.  The Pound of Cure program allows anyone, regardless of whether they’ve had weight loss surgery to choose a sustainable eating plan that maximizes your body’s ability to lose weight.

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