Other Causes of Setpoint Elevation

The above discussion does not represent a comprehensive list, only those that I see most often in my practice.  Other factors like a chronic lack of sleep, chronic disease, and hormones found in beef can contribute to increasing your body’s set point, but are typically minor contributors.  

One common point of confusion is the belief that eliminating the things that make your set point to go up will cause your weight to go down.  Unfortunately, when you eliminate the medications, processed foods, and sugar sweetened beverages from your diet, you usually don’t lose weight.  Instead, you just stop gaining weight.  The most heavy consumers of sugar sweetened beverages can attest to this.  In most cases, stopping the pop results in no more than a few pounds of weight loss.  This is often cited as an excuse to continue drinking the sugary beverages.  I have heard many patients tell me that they stopped drinking pop and didn’t lose weight so they figured that their obesity must not have much to do with the pop.

Before you’re able to lose weight, you must eliminate those things in your life that are causing your set point to go up.  However, lowering your set point requires a different set of changes from those discussed above.  In the next chapter, we’ll discuss the four ways that you can lower your set point, but will focus mostly on the last one, weight loss surgery.

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