Dr. Matthew Weiner’s

Pound of Cure Program

Get the most out of your weight loss surgery using the Pound of Cure Approach. Have you ever wished you could become a patient in Dr. Weiner’s practice, or join his nutrition program? Now you can!

Dr. Weiner is located in Tucson, Arizona, is a co-founder of Tucson Weight Loss Surgery and practices primarly at Tucson Medical Center

Books by Dr. Weiner

Dr. Weiner’s first book provides an in depth guide to following his nutritional program.

Now available, this cookbook contains 100 Pound of Cure approved recipes perfect for any weight loss surgery patient.

This book is a complete guide for anyone considering weight loss surgery.

Subscription Options

Pound of Cure Annual Membership
Pound of Cure Monthly Membership

Self Pay Surgery Options

Dr. Matthew Weiner practices in Tucson, AZ at Tucson Weight Loss Surgery (a part of Saguaro Surgery). He offers reasonable self pay options for both Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy. Many patients opt to travel to Tucson for their surgery and receive their postoperative care by Dr. Weiner and his team via telemedicine.

For more information, including prices, visit Dr. Weiner’s practice website or call: (520) 420-1000

Get The Most Out of Your Weight Loss Surgery

dr weiner tucson
Dr. Weiner, Bariatric Surgeon and Author

Dr. Weiner is based in Tucson, AZ and has peformed thousands of Bariatric Surgeries and has over 1 million views of his YouTube videos. His no nonesense, compassionate approach to weight loss surgery and nutrition helps you dig through all of the noise to find scientifically accurate information to help you on your weight loss journey.

#1. Know What You Are Signing Up For

Everyone focuses on the weight loss, but there are many other considerations in choosing the right procedure and lining yourself up for success.

#2. Nutrition

Keto? Vegan? Low Fat? Pouch Reset Diet? Many people bounce from diet to diet after surgery, just as they did before. Break this painful, frustrating cycle and learn a “lifestyle” that will insure you never have to diet again.

#3. Weight Regain

It happens to everyone. It doesn’t mean you’re heading for failure. Figure out why you gained the weight and establish a plan to fix it!

What Our Students Have to Say

I Finally Understand!

“After 52 years in this earth I now understand how to eat, feel better, and lose weight without being hungry.”

This Works!

“This eating plan definitely works! Please note this is not a diet, it’s a life style change! I saw weight loss results in the first 4 days.”

My answer to years of struggle with morbid obesity.

When I stick to the program the weight loss feels effortless. I never have to feel hungry or deprived and I feel that everything I eat provides the true nutrition that my body has been craving my whole life. I truly feel like my metabolism is working better now.

Please Keep up the Excellent Work!

I’ve not come across another program that shows how hormones influence hunger and why the calorie-in/calorie-out starvation diet models don’t work. I knew it had to be something else at play!

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