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Self Pay Bariatric Surgery

The cost of Bariatric Surgery varies tremendously from hospital to hospital Some hospitals have created fair pricing for those who don’t have Bariatric Surgery insurance coverage, while others have not and will offer an extremely high price if you inquire. For those hospitals that offer self pay pricing, you will often find the following price ranges:

Out of country (usually Mexico): $5,000 – $9,000 – The quality of Bariatric Surgery varies tremendously in Mexico. There are a few very high quality centers, but there are also many unsafe hospitals that would be shut down immediately if they were in the United States. I have seen a number of patients from these centers over the years and some of the stories that I’ve been told are terrifying.

United States – Ambulatory Surgery Center (Gastric Sleeve only): $10,000 – $15,000 – The cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery has decreased in the United States recently, primarily due to the ability to perform these procedures in an Ambulatory Surgery Center. While most patients are suitable candidates for outpatient Gastric Sleeve Surgery in an Ambulatory Surgery Center, not everyone is. Also, it is common that you do not spend the night and the first night after surgery can be a little rough if you are not in a hospital

United States – Hospital (Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass) : $15,000 – $25,000 – the cost of a gastric bypass performed by Dr. Weiner in a Center of Excellence hopsital, with an overnight stay is: $17,450. The cost of a gastric Sleeve is $14,750 and also includes an overnight stay. If you have a gastric sleeve and go home the same day, the cost is decreased by a relatively small amount. Whil this is the most expensive option, it also ensures that you are not cutting any corners when you select a self pay option.

Patients travel from all over the United States to have Dr. Weiner perform their weight loss surgery. His exceptional safety record (complication rate less than half the national average), the ability to have the surgery performed in a Center of Excellence as well as access to his postoperative nutrition program and close followup over telemedicine ensure you’re not compromising on quality or long term support just because you are opting for self pay weight loss surgery. if you are interested in learning more about our self pay bariatric surgery program, fill out the form below.

Dr. Weiner is located in Tucson, Arizona and all of the procedures are performed at a COE certified hospital, not an ambulatory surgery center.

Package Pricing:

We are fortunate to be partnering with the Tucson Medical Center to provide a single, inclusive package price.

Fill out the form to get more information and to be contacted by someone from Dr. Weiner’s office.

Package prices by surgery:

  • Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy: $14,750
  • Roux En Y Gastric Bypass: $17,450

An initial consultation with Dr. Weiner is $300, however this is payable to the total cost of surgery if you proceed.

Eight 30 minute postoperative visits with Dr. Weiner (optional): $2,000
All visits within the first 30 days are included in the package price, any visits after 30 days with Dr. Weiner’s nurse practitioner are $75 each.

All Inclusive Package Price Includes:

  • Initial surgery consultation and one preoperative visit with Dr. Weiner
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Surgeon fees
  • Hospital fees, including 1 night stay
  • Follow-up care for 30 days after surgery (typically provided by the nurse practitioner)
  • Preoperative blood tests and EKG

All visits with Dr. Weiner or his nurse practitioner can be performed in person or via telemedicine

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