Should I have a gastric sleeve or try the Pound of Cure diet plan?

The Pound of Cure diet is a whole foods weight loss plan that drives significant sustainable weight loss. If you have not tried it, or other similar diets (like the vegan diet), it is almost always best to try to lose the weight without surgery. Weight loss surgery should be used as a last chance at weight loss when years of dieting has produced no significant, long-term results.

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  1. I believe I have a unique circumstance. I was always a very lean and active (ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball, skiing, etc.) up until 38 years of age. A ruptured ovary landed me in the hospital, severe endometriosis/infertility was diagnosed and I was placed on a monthly injection of Lupron for a year. Lupron is a medicine that overstimulates the body’s own production of certain hormones, which causes that production to shut down temporarily. It reduces the amount of testosterone in men or estrogen in women. Lupron Depot is used in men to treat the symptoms of prostate cancer but does not treat the cancer itself. I have often thought that it may have wreaked havoc on my metabolism.
    I gained 70 lbs in 8 months and inflammation riddled my body as I attempted to go vegan to keep pelvic inflammation under control. It was at this time that I struggled with food intolerances that I never experienced before and numerous physicians and nutritionists discovered/suspected that I am intolerant of produce that is high in folate, rutin and rich in sulfur. I have had no formal allergy testing (my insurance does not cover it) documenting this. I also have a reaction to most plant based protein drinks and ANYTHING with soy, malted and barley in it. It makes eating healthy or drinking smoothies VERY challenging. It’s just easier for me NOT to eat. I have fasted for 21 days just so I could bring inflammation down in the body and give my digestive system a chance to heal and rest. It was the ONLY time I had lost 30 pounds of the 70 pounds I had gained. I was anticipating that it might ‘correct’ the suspected food intolerances but I broke my fast with watermelon and the reaction (itchy ears, swelling tongue, sweating profusely at the base of my skull, swelling in my feet and legs, sudden need to sleep, irritability, inability to concentrate) returned instantly in addition to gaining all the weight I had lost. I go to extremes from not eating to woofing down an In & Out Burger with no onion and tomato. It is REALLY frustrating as I struggle to obtain nutrition and keep myself fed. I am now 236 pounds (5’3″) and have been at that weight for 11 years with little to no movement on the scale with the exception of the 21 day fast. I have never consumed alcohol or coffee and rarely have a soda. I am not diabetic, my blood pressure and thyroid are in check, don’t use a CPAC, my bad cholesterol IS high but my good cholesterol is phenomenal so I have not been prescribed cholesterol medication. I LOOK the part (diabetic, heavy drinker, overeater) but tests and labs suggest otherwise. Nothing about my body and my diet makes any sense. I’ve been reading testimonies of those that have had bariatric surgery but haven’t stumbled into a testimony that sounds anything like my situation. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to ingest the recommended pre-OP and post-OP liquid diet for fear of having a reaction to the ingredients that might be in the liquid diet. I only just recently learned that I can eat blueberries and a peeled apple (rutin is found in the skin of an apple) and organic COOKED spinach. Could I achieve weightloss and maintain ideal weight with my limited diet choices (blueberries, apples, cooked spinach and red meat) after bariatric surgery? Have you treated any patients (make or female) that was also prescribed Lupron to treat prostate cancer or endometriosis? If so, what was their experience like after the surgery?

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